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About Us

GERMAN CHANCES is the recruitment agency for the transfer of IT specialists between Russia and Germany. Get offshore IT simply into your business at your desks. IT specialists from our target countries would like to work temporarily or long term in Germany! At the same time, a valuable cultural and social contact is created in your company to control actual offshore and nearshore development packages of local service companies. The appropriate employees are procured, developed, relocated, integrated and then continuously built up to the desired target position.

Our excellent contacts and long-term ties in countries such as the Russian Federation help you to solve urgent resource problems in the IT sector. At the same time, we are developing with our candidates the entire service market of these countries for your supply chain. Our broad experience in dealing with the relevant cultural circle facilitates the integration of the candidates into the German working world.

We are the team of experts from the management of intercultural relations. The expertise of our employees, who are rooted in their respective cultural backgrounds, offers to candidates a familiar and sensitive understanding environment which effectively accompanies the transition to a new cultural environment. This is the root of the success of our recruiting - projects.

Latest News

GERMAN CHANCES takes part in the Russian specialists’ exhibition Technokratia in Moscow. Our employees are in charge with GERMAN CHANCES booth on 11.03.2016. More than 1,500 specialists who are looking for the job will be able to find out about open positions for IT experts in Germany at GERMAN CHANCES and also get to know the relocation and integration program of GERMAN CHANCES.
GERMAN CHANCES is currently finalizing the course "German for IT Specialists". In this case the candidates are already taught the necessary IT specialist vocabulary in their home country, which is necessary for a smooth start in Germany. The GERMAN CHANCES candidates, thus gain a decisive competitive advantage over other foreign IT specialists.